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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Here at Stapleton's Lawn Care, we offer a very wide variety of lawn maintenance services. A lot of people ask what lawn maintenance is, but it cannot be specified by just one thing, it takes many different services to give you a properly maintained yard.

The appearance of a lawn is dependent on a sound maintenance program, which includes small tree and hedge trimming, mulching, seeding, aerating, weed control, garden tilling and bush hogging, and driveway grading. All of these are important in the maintenance of a healthy and attractive lawn. Our staff of trained professionals have all the tooks required to see out off of these jobs on your home in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Professional Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services

Small Tree and Hedge Trimming

It is important to have your shrubs, hedge and trees trimmed properly to the right size. Removing to much can damage or even kill the plant. Keeping up with the trimming that is required for plants is very important in regards to the health and vigor of the plants, if done improperly, your plant will not grow correctly.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services Kentucky


Mulching is one of the most important ways to maintain healthy landscape plants and improve the visual appeal of your property. It helps water loss from evaporation, keeps the weeds from growing, keeps the soil cooler in the summer/warmer in the winter, and helps stop erosion.


Lawn seeding is an important part of achieving a beautiful lawn. Stapleton’s Turf Cruisers Lawn Care can help you seed a new lawn or over seed your existing lawn so you can have that thick green lawn that everyone wants. Not only does it look beautiful and it’s nice to walk on, but it also helps to prevent weed growth. The thicker your lawn is, the less likely weeds will grow.


Aerating your lawn is one of the things you need to do to have a healthy, growing lawn. Aerating is needed due to thatch build up and soil compaction, two problems that can be caused by a number of things, including heavy use of your yard. When soil compacts, your grass can not breath, or find much needed nutrients due to the “suffocating” of your lawn’s roots.

Weed Control

Have weeds taken over your property? There are a number of factures that can cause weeds to grow and multiply, but if you’r looking to preserve your lawn or yard, you may need a professional. Stapleton’s Turf Cruisers Lawn Care can help. We will come out and implement weed control methods to curtail the growth of unwanted weeds and prevent weeds from sprouting up in the future.

Garden Tilling & Bush Hogging

Stapleton’s Turf Cruisers Lawn Care offers garden tilling services. When spring arrives and need to get your garden ready for planting we come out and till your garden several times going in all directions to make sure the soil is finely loosened. We are able to provide and till in compost to enrich your soil for you.

Our Bush Hogging Services are great for any personal or commercial property, for underbrush clearing or standard bush hogging. This service involves specialty mowing equipment to cut away tall brush and grass from fields and other overgrown areas. So whether you need to clear a path for a large plot of residential property or have commercial space in need of clearing Stapleton’s Turf Cruisers Lawn Care can handle it for you.

Driveway Grading

Do you have a driveway that has too many puddles or potholes? A smooth, graded surface and clean lines immediately shows visitors that your project displays great attention to detail and organization. A warm welcome with driveways that are clean and easy to navigate shows that the area is well-kept.

Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services Kentucky


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